Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Murder on Mt. McKinley Audio Coming Soon!

I'm working hard at getting all the Summit Murder Mystery Series books out to you via audio!  Here is a picture of me recording the introduction to Murder on Mt. McKinley! 


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Press Release


Media Contact:
Jennifer L. Howell
Irion Books, LLC
(480) 522-9287

Irion Books Releases Fifth Book in the Summit Murder Mystery Series
Murder on Aconcagua
Today Irion Books announces the much anticipated release of the fifth book in their Summit Murder Mystery Series, Murder on Aconcagua.  One of the most unique series ever written, the Summit Murder Mystery Series is co-authored by Charles G. Irion and Ronald J. Watkins, and is set at the peaks of the highest mountains on the world’s seven continents.  Remote, inaccessible, they are the crown jewels of climbing.  They are the world’s deadliest mountains, and deaths from falls, avalanches, illness, heart attacks, and high altitude sickness, are a matter of course. Add in murder to the mix, and you get seven of the most original and exciting murder mysteries ever written.

Inspired by Charles Irion’s 1987 attempt to climb Mt. Everest, and his 2011 climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, each book offers the story of a little known region of the world.  The authors promise you will encounter bizarre customs, ancient taboos, political intrigue, and ethnic conflicts, and Murder on Aconcagua is no exception.

In Murder on Aconcagua, Irion says, “Our hero not only battles the brutal elements of the Aconcagua summit, but the determined greed of a murderer.”  The book’s synopsis tells us that hero Scott Devlon is once again sent by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency on another climbing expedition. This time the mountain is Aconcagua, the highest in South America. His mission is to confirm a report that three Inca golden idols have been discovered and are headed to Venezuelan strongman, Hugo Chavez. Legend says he who possesses them is invincible. Scott’s assignment is to prevent that from taking place but he quickly learns that there are those who will stop at nothing, including murder, to get their hands on the idols.  

For more information about Charles Irion and the other books in the Summit Murder Mystery Series, please visit or  

About Irion Books:
Irion Books launched in 2007 with the release of its Hell Series books, beginning with Remodeling Hell, followed by Autograph Hell, Car Dealer Hell, and Divorce Hell.   While writing the Hell Series, Irion began working on the Seven Summit Murder Mystery Series, after climbing Mt. Everest and Mt. Kilimanjaro.  An entrepreneur and philanthropist, Irion is an advisory board member for Project C.U.R.E., founding principal in Phoenix Social Venture Partners, the founder of his own children's dictionary program, and a past director and current member of the Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation.  Irion has also participated in a number of medical missions abroad including Mexico, Belize, and Tanzania.  For more information about Irion Books, please visit

To purchase Murder on Aconcagua for your Kindle, please CLICK HERE!  Paperback coming soon!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Murder on Aconcagua Synopsis

I am thrilled to share with you the synopsis of...
Murder on Aconcagua

Hero Scott Devlon is once again sent by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency on another climbing expedition. This time the mountain is Aconcagua, the highest in South America. His mission is to confirm a report that three Inca golden idols have been discovered and are headed to Venezuelan strongman, Hugo Chavez. Legend says he who possesses them is invincible. Scott’s assignment is to prevent that from taking place but he quickly learns that there are those who will stop at nothing, including murder, to get their hands on the idols. Join Scott Devlon as he battles not only the brutal elements of the Aconcagua summit, but the determined greed of a murderer in Murder on Aconcagua.

I can't wait until you can read it for yourselves!  Murder on Aconcagua, is coming to you in Dec/Jan.  

Monday, November 21, 2011

K-2 Foundation Event

Over the weekend, I attended the K-2 Foundation's Masquerade Ball at Doubletree Resort. The amazing Kyle Maynard spoke at the event.  What a cool guy and a great motivational speaker!  To tell you a little bit about Kyle, he was born on March 24, 1986 with a condition known as congenital amputation, that has left him with arms that end at the elbows, and legs that end near his knees.  His story begins as an 11-year old that wanted to wrestle, and a coach that gave him an opportunity to try.  After losing every single match his first year, and most his second, Maynard with his iron will and a coach with a heart of gold became a very successful varsity wrestler on one of the best teams in the Southeast.  In spite of his limitations, Maynard found a way to win 36 varsity matches his senior year, while defeating several state place finishers, and state champions, during his final season. 

All of this, is only the beginning.  You can read about Kyle's other accomplishments HERE, which include his world record, and the ESPY he won in 2004.  Next up?  Summiting the highest peak in Africa, known as Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Kyle has formed a team called "Mission Kilimanjaro", and together, they hope to send a message to heroes in the veteran community, and to kids with disabilities around the world, that regardless of any challenge we face, no obstacle is too great to be conquered.  Amazing doesn't even begin to define Kyle.  Please read more about Kyle's mission, and support him by visiting his website HERE for more information.

It was my great honor to meet Kyle.  Take a look at the pictures below, and be sure to check out his book, NO EXCUSES

 Rose and I with Kyle

 Kyle talking to his fans

 Rose and I with Kyle's book NO EXCUSES

Monday, November 14, 2011

David Copperfield Show

When I was in Las Vegas for the PubWest conference, my wife Rose and I caught a David Copperfield show at MGM Grand.  After the show, we went up on stage to meet him, and he did a little card trick for us.  He is a really nice guy, and the show was great!  Take a look at the photos.  Fun!


Monday, November 7, 2011

PubWest Conference Was A Success!

Over the weekend I attended the PubWest conference in Las Vegas.  I had a really great time, met some great people, made some fantastic connections, and came home with pages of notes and ideas!  Here are a few pictures for you to check out!

 The beautiful Green Valley Ranch Resort

My beautiful wife Rose and I relaxing :) 
 Here I am holding my Summit Murder Mystery Series sign in front of the sign introducing Len Riggio, the chairman of Barnes & Noble. 
                                                                                  Len Riggio and I. Len is holding a copy of Murder On Everest!

 I am so excited about the direction Irion Books is headed!  We are soaring, and I can't wait to share it with you!  Thank you for reading, and if you haven't checked out my series yet, what are you waiting for?!  Order Murder On Everest, the first book in the Summit Murder Mystery Series today!
For more information, click here

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Exchange Your E-Books

It's no secret that users of such e-book readers as Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook can "lend" copies of the books they've purchased to friends.  But imagine if your universe of friends consisted of millions of people, not just the five or six people in your book club.  The lending library suddenly becomes much more interesting.

That's what wants to create.  The site ultimately will let users borrow books listed by other members - for free.  Here's how the site works:  Users can list any digital book they've purchased.  When another member requests to borrow it, EBookFling sends the book owner a message with step-by-step instructions for lending it.  Each time users lend a book, they earn a credit, which can be used to borrow other members' books.  Each lending period lasts 14 days.

For those wondering if this is legal, Nick Ruffilo the chief information officer for the site said the site is perfectly legitimate and allowed by the lending policies set by Amazon for the Kindle and Barnes & Noble for the Nook.  Messages to Barnes and Noble and Amazon were not immediately returned.  "Legally this is using a feature that already exists."

Ruffilo admits that book publishers aren't likely to embrace EBookFling with open arms, especially if digital lending leads to a why-buy-when-you-can-borrow attitude as consumers continue to fret about the economy.  "Logically, one could say that publishers can end up losing money," Ruffilo said.  "It would be hard to argue with that because it's not incorrect.  But it's also not the whole picture."

Ruffilo argues why publishers should actually welcome his service.

"When you borrow a book written by an author you've never read before, you may become a fan and buy his/her other books and maybe his/her future books too." he said "Books themselves are great marketing.  New genres pop up all the time, like steampunk.  You may not know what it's about, but once you get a chance to try it, you might be open to buying it.  We're providing a discovery and marketing venue."  For now, the New Jersey-based start up doesn't need financial assistance from publishers.  The site is backed by BookSwim, a profitable, privately held book rental service that operates much like Netflix. The service lets subscribers borrow physical books via mail for a monthly fee ranging from $23.95 for 3 books checked out at a time to $59.95 for 11 books.

Still, the service needs some cooperation from publishers, which ultimately get to decide whether they enable the lending feature for Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  If lending eats into sales, publishers may reduce the lending period or opt out of the feature altogether.

What do you think?  Will you sign up to exchange your e-books?

For more information about Irion Books, LLC and to order books from the Hell Series, or Summit Murder Mystery Series, please visit Irion Books' website by clicking HERE

*Article from Alex Pham from Los Angeles Times

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PubWest Conference!

In early November, I will be in Nevada attending a conference I am very excited about!  Over a three day conference where I will get to interact and connect with other people in the book publishing industry, I will also get to meet the Chairman of Barnes & Noble, Len Riggio.  
Len Riggio, (pictured to the right) built Barnes & Noble from a single store to a leading bookseller with more than 1,300 retail and Barnes & Noble College bookstores nationwide!  During the seminar he will be discussing his fifty years in this business, what he sees as the future of book selling, and his predictions of how print books, e-readers, and e-books will be sold.   

Other seminars include topics such as social networking effectiveness, improving profitability, product line branding and much more.  This is sure to be a very informative and educational seminar.  I’m looking forward to taking it all in and incorporating it into Irion Books, LLC.  

If you were going to meet the Chairman of Barnes & Noble, what questions would you ask him?  

For more information about Irion Books, LLC and to order my books, please click here to be taken to the Irion Books website!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Happiest Man In The World Event in Pictures

Here are some pictures from last night's The Happiest Man In The World book event at ASU.  It was a very fun night, and I enjoyed listening to Dr. James Jackson speak.  I really enjoyed seeing my friend and Project C.U.R.E. Executive Mike Medoro get the recognition he deserves.  Congrats Mike! Enjoy the pictures! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Project C.U.R.E. and The Happiest Man In The World

Tomorrow evening I will be attending a book event at Arizona State University, sponsored by the ASU Alumni Association, featuring Dr. James W. Jackson, the founder of Project C.U.R.E. an organization that I am heavily involved in and support.  Project C.U.R.E. was founded in 1987 to help meet the need for medical supplies, equipment and services around the world.  Since its inception, Project C.U.R.E. has delivered medical relief to more than 120 countries since its inception.

Dr. James Jackson has devoted the past twenty-three years of his life to traveling all over the world and “delivering health and hope” to the world’s most needy people.  Thousands of people are alive today as a result of Project C.U.R.E.’s efforts, its volunteers and its founder, Dr. Jackson. 

The Happiest Man In The World, Dr. Jackson’s new book provides unique and compelling insight into the life and legacy of a man who found true happiness in relinquishment and selfless service.  He tells the story of the heartbreak he endured seeing children die of treatable illnesses simply because the doctors and nurses lacked the proper medical equipment and supplies.  He also shares the joy expressed by doctors and nurses who saw containers full of donated medical supplies arrive just in time to save a life because of the efforts of Project C.U.R.E. 

Dr. Jackson’s book is said to provide an honest assessment of the challenges presented to him for building a “Business of Goodness” and he challenges people everywhere to learn from his experiences and join him in becoming, “The Happiest Man in the World!” 

During the event Dr. Jackson will be sharing stories and images of a life refocused from “getting” to one of “giving”.  I have been fortunate enough to see up close and personal the giving Dr. Jackson is referring to.  This past summer I participated in Project C.U.R.E.’s medical mission in Moshi Tanzania where I helped deliver supplies to the Mwerni School for the Blind.  While in Tanzania, I also climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro where I was doing research for the Summit Murder Mystery Series’ final book, Murder On Kilimanjaro!  It was an amazing trip for many reasons!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow night’s event.   It is sure to be a moving and inspirational evening. 
To learn more about Project C.U.R.E. and how you can help, please CLICK HERE.  To learn more about Irion Books and the Summit Murder Mystery Series, CLICK HERE.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Review!

I'm very excited to share a great review with you that I received from Midwest Book Review!  They reviewed Murder on Puncak Jaya.  Take a look...

MBR Bookwatch: September 2011

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

Midwest Book Review

278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575

Having successfully climbed three of the world's highest mountains on different contents (see Summit Murders on Everest, Elbrus and McKinley), Scott Devlon is joining an expedition to conquer Puncak Jaya, the highest peak in Oceania at over 16,000 feet. Even before undergoing a difficult climb, Scott understands reaching the base of the mountain will prove extremely troublesome as the mountain known locally as Raksasa is located in a remote deadly rain forest of New Guinea; which is why of the selected seven this has been climbed the least. Scott is going because DIA wants information on a new company that may be destabilizing the Grasburg gold and copper mine.

Flying from beautiful Bali to the remote part of Papua proves disappointing as the air strip is a garbage dump of twenty-first century litter. On the trek to the mountain through a rain forest, the natives using poisoned darts do not welcome intruders and attack the climbing party protected by soldiers. Insects carrying lethal diseases also assault the outsiders. The mountain also proves deadly to the party as Sandy, Owen and Jack are murdered and Gabby died from a snake bite.

This one differs from Scott's previous climbs as the action starts even before the assent in this super action-packed thriller. The vivid descriptions of Papua especially Puncak Jaya enhances this Summit Murder Mystery as readers will learn how deadly this remote region can be and how ice in the tropics exist at the high attitude of the mountain. As a bonus, the authors include brief descriptions of the seven summits. This is a winner in a winning series in which geography is fun to learn.

Harriet Klausner


A big thank you to Harriet Klausner for reviewing Murder on Puncak Jaya!  If you haven't read Murder on Puncak Jaya yet, click HERE to order a paperback copy, or HERE to download the book to your Kindle!  If you've read the book and liked it as well, please put your review on Amazon!  I would love to share your review on a blog post!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Murder on Everest Giveaway!

Who wants to win copy of Murder on Everest??  I am gearing up for the release of Murder on Aconcagua, the 5th book in the series, so I thought it would be a good time to give away a copy of the first book in the series that started it all.  If you haven't read my series yet, welcome to the Summit Murder Mystery Series

Here is a synopsis of the book from Goodreads
When Derek Sodoc, only son of the world's richest and most powerful man dies attempting to climb Mt. Everest, questions are raised. Was it the mountain? Or perhaps something more sinister. After reading the book Abandoned on Everest that details Derek Sodoc's untimely death, Sodoc's father convinces the surviving expedition members to return to Everest - presumably to recover Derek's body. With billions at stake and a relentless father searching for someone to blame, everyone is a suspect.
Set against the backdrop of the world's highest and deadliest mountain, Murder on Everest is filled with intrigue, sex, betrayal and mystery. It is unlike any murder mystery you've ever read. Be sure to read Abandoned on Everest, the companion prequel to this exciting debut novel.
The Summit Murder Series is a unique set of mystery novels. Join authors Charles G. Irion and Ronald J. Watkins for this extraordinary journey of exciting exploits and murder atop each of the seven major continental summits, beginning with Murder on Everest.

 The contest will run through October 7, 2011 and a winner will be chosen by using  Extra entries are available, but not required to win.  US entries only please.  While filling out the form, press the 'tab' button to be taken from question to question, until you hit submit at the end.  Good luck!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 Down, 5 To Go!

 Hi Everyone!  I just got back from Master Video Disc & Design where I recorded the intro and other parts for Murder On Elbrus, book two in the Summit Murder Series!   Greg Lutz has done a remarkable job of being our voice - it sounds great- thanks Greg!!!  I also want to give a special shout out to that beautiful lady Janita, and Rocky the chief engineer---they are the best!  I would highly recommend MVDD to anyone that has media needs.  Check out their website HERE

Murder On Elbrus isn't available on audio yet, but don't worry, we will let you know as soon as it is available to download!  Here are a few pictures from my recording session to enjoy. 

 Don't want to wait for the recording to check out Murder On Elbrus?  You can order it on Amazon now by clicking HERE.  If you read Murder On Elbrus and enjoyed it, please click the same link to leave a review on Amazon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Adventures

Had a great time this last weekend! Went to dinner with Michael and Jessica Medoro at the Orange Sky restaurant at the Talking Stick resort and casino. Michael is the head of Project C.U.R.E. in Arizona, which is an organization I am very involved in!

from left; my wife Rose, Me, Jessica Medoro, Michael Medoro

After dinner, we headed to the Tempe Improv to see Felipe Esparza, a great comedian. Felipe was the winner of NBC's Last Comic Standing in 2010. He kept us all laughing, he was hilarious. We all really had a great time!  Below are some fun pictures for you to see.

My beautiful wife Rose and I

 Jessica and Michael Medoro

 Sign at Tempe Improv

Felipe Esparza and I

Also, my blog had a bit of a makeover!  You can click the pictures of my book covers on the left for more information about the books, and to order!  Happy Reading!